Sunglasses Julbo Camino J501 - 1214

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Size: M
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Product Details

Julbo Julbo J501 1214 58-15 Black
Collection: 2024
Reference: J501 - 1214
Model: Unisex
Frame material: Plastic
Frame colour: Matt black
Lenses: Spectron 4 (Brown with Mirror effect)
UV protection: 4
Weight: 26 gr
Branded glass case: Julbo
Product ID: 70368-(58)


Spectron 4 lenses are made of polycarbonate, a lightweight and impact resistant material. With a category 4 UV filter and a visible light transmission rate of only 5%, they are recommended for sports or activities exposed to strong reverberation. In addition, they have an anti-reflective coating, which significantly improves visual comfort by eliminating unwanted glare.

A flash coating also enhances the filtration of visible light by reflecting some of it back onto the lens. This increases the filtering effect and ensures optimum protection against the sun's harmful rays.

Size M (130mm)
XSxs Ss Mm Ll XLxl
116 mm
146 mm
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Dimension - 58 (Size M 130mm)

  • 130 mm
    130 mm
  • 58 mm  41 mm
    58 mm   41 mm
  • 15 mm
    15 mm
  • 135 mm
    135 mm

Please note: the total width is measured in between the inside of the hinges
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