Sunglasses - Guide

Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses provide protection from UV rays and glare, fit various sports and are a fashion accessory. Discover how they can enhance your outdoor activities

Oakley Lenses

Oakley lens technology has revolutionized the eyewear world. Prizm, HDO and polarized lenses offer impressive vision quality. Oakley remains at the forefront of lens technology and continuously strives for innovation.

Vuarnet lenses

Vuarnet Lenses Technology offers high quality lenses made of mineral glass with unique color filter technology. These glasses combine style and protection, are durable and ergonomically designed. A perfect choice for clearer vision and fashion eyewear.

Gift Ideas

The gift idea sunglasses offers stylish and protective glasses perfect gift for the summer. With personalized, retro and sporty options, there is something for everyone to brighten up the summer.

Safe Driving with Transitions Drivewear

Discover the benefits of Transitions Drivewear lenses, offering optimal vision and increased safety while driving, available at Visionet at competitive prices

Julbo & Vendée Globe

Explore the confidential association between Julbo and the Vendée Globe. A silent alliance of optical performance and ocean adventure. Discover eyewear designed to defy the elements with style and determination.

Photochromics lens

Photochromic glasses offer a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors. Although useful, they do not filter out all UV rays. Sunglasses are still recommended for optimum protection.

Bike glasses

Optimise your cycling experience by discreetly protecting your eyes with specially designed sunglasses. Combine style and function for clear visibility and unrivalled performance.

Sunglasses 2021

The 2021 sunglasses feature a bold fusion of classic styles and contemporary designs, incorporating vivid hues and elegant shapes to reflect a unique and timeless aesthetic.

Explore the latest trends 2024: Men's sunglasses

Discover the trends in men's sunglasses for 2024: Designs, colors, and materials in trend for a unique style and optimal protection.

Polarized Glasses for Night Driving?

Polarized glasses reduce daytime glare but are unsuitable for night driving. Choose anti-reflective lenses to improve visibility and safety at night.

How to Know if Your Sunglasses are Polarized: Practical Guide

Discover how to check if your sunglasses are polarized. Follow our simple method to ensure optimal protection against glare and UV rays.

The Best Performance Sunglasses to Enhance Your Outdoor Activities

Discover performance sunglasses to enhance your vision and sports performance. Explore the best brands and tips for choosing sunglasses suited to your outdoor activities.

Guess x JLO

Discover the secret alliance between Jennifer Lopez and Guess Eyewear. A discreet collaboration that marries the fashion icon with trendy frames, encouraging style with elegance.

Sunglasses 2020

The sunglasses trends for spring-summer 2020 feature bold frames and bright colours. From geometric shapes to pastel shades, show off your summer style in style.

Sunglass Shades

Select the lens tint that reflects your style and meets your needs. From light tints for everyday life to dark shades for outdoor activities, find your perfect balance.

Julbo lenses

To make the right choice for your Julbo lenses, consider the activity you're involved in (sport, mountaineering, etc.), the UV protection offered, the anti-reflective coating and the level of sun protection you need. Consult a specialist for the right recommendations.

Maui Jim lenses

To choose the right Maui Jim lenses, take into account polarisation technology, sun protection indices, lens colours adapted to your activity and your preferred style. Consult an optician for personalised advice.

Sunglasses in winter

Choose sunglasses in winter to protect your eyes from the dazzling glare of the snow. Style and protection come together for clear, comfortable vision.

Ski goggles

Choose between sunglasses and ski goggles to suit your adventure. The sunglasses offer versatile style, while the goggles guarantee maximum protection and optimum vision on the snowy slopes.

Filter categorie

Choose the right UV category for your sunglasses- Find out everything you need to know for optimal protection

Polarised sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses offer clear vision and reduce glare. Perfect for optimum protection and superior visual comfort in bright sunshine.